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Gardena | City Gardening Planting Mat - Small - 80X80cm (Online Only)

R 299.00

Mat for planting and repotting

  • With the GARDENA Planting Mat S, your balcony and terrace are kept clean during planting
  • The mat is simply spread across the table
  • All your important working tools such as pots, hand trowel and potting soil can be stored on it, and you can simply plant and repot on the mat
  • In this way, the subsurface is protected, and soil and plant parts which fall off during planting can be collected and subsequently easily disposed of
  • The Planting Mat consists of water repellent textile fabric, is easy to clean and can be folded up to save space after use

Keeping things clean

  • Protects the subsurface (e.g. table) against soiling, and makes planting work easier


Easy to use

  • The Planting Mat consists of water repellent textile fabric and is easy to clean
  • After use, the mat can be folded up to save space and stored in the storage bag supplied


Practical detail

  • The edges can be pulled up using push buttons at the corners of the Planting Mat
  • This stops anything falling out
Article No: 505-20
EAN-Code: 4078500046213

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