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Gardena | Battery Medium Pressure Washer AquaClean 18V/24Bar P4A SOLO

R 3,099.00


Powerful, versatile and mobile pressure cleaning thanks to exchangeable and rechargeable battery system

  • GARDENA presents the AquaClean 24/18V made especially for you and all other proud and passionate house and garden owners
  • It is passion powered by GARDENA
  • One of the most versatile pressure cleaners in its class with LED battery check display integrated on the cleaner and 3 power settings delivering 9, 14 and 24 bars of pressure
  • Ideal for many pressure washer tasks
  • Cars, bicycles and trash cans can be thoroughly cleaned with the 24 bar medium pressure setting
  • If required, pressure can be reduced to 14 bar or reduced further to the Soft-Clean mode
  • This 9 bar Soft-Clean mode is particularly gentle, ideal for delicate material and objects
  • At the same time, the reduced pressure increases the running time of the rechargeable battery
  • The pressure washer is able to operate for about 38, 20 or 16 minutes depending on the operation mode
  • The new medium pressure washer cleaner is supplied without a battery and charger
  • You can use a battery system from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, one of the largest multi-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers worldwide
  • Their batteries can be used for numerous devices around the house and garden
  • Would you prefer to buy the product with the battery system? Not a problem – then the Ready-to-Use Set is the right one for you
  • Three different nozzle attachments are included in the AquaClean 24/18V solo 
  • The nozzles are used to change the spraying angle to 15° or 40°, each nozzle can be turned a full 360° in relation to the lance for greater flexibility when cleaning
  • The 0° spot nozzle is ideal for powerful cleaning in small nooks and crannies.
  • Depending on your requirements, the AquaClean is also compatiable with GARDENA's Dirtblaster
  • A 5m long suction hose with filter, floater and clamp is included in the set.
  • A water supply can be connected to the pressure cleaner via an OGS tap connection
  • Despite not being connected to the mains electricity supply, the modern AquaClean is so powerful that it can draw water from a depth of up to 2m thanks to its auto-suction function with a flow rate of 250 litres per hour
  • No matter whether you want to clean your car, bicycle, the terrace, house shutters or garden furniture—thanks to its intelligent design, easy handling and a low weight of just 1.5 kg without battery, working with the pressure washer remains comfortable even for a long time
  • The AquaClean 24/18V P4A includes a short and a long nozzle for even more flexibility and improved ergonomics
  • With all these elements, this adaptable power pressure washer allows you to clean your garden, bike, car or garden furniture with very little effort and no cumbersome cables
Article No: 14800-55
EAN-Code: 4078500053495