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Gardena | Basic Set Handtools (Online Only)

R 599.00

Practical set for all hobby gardeners

  • The GARDENA Basic Set Hand Tools will get you off to a good start in garden care and the world of GARDENA Hand Tools
  • The practical starter set includes a hand trowel, a weeding trowel, secateurs and a pair of planting and soil gloves


Durable and Convenient

  • Top-quality steel and the Duroplast coating protect the hand tools against corrosion, make them dirt-repellent and extremely sturdy
  • The ergonomically formed handle provides increased handling comfort
  • The angled ends of the handle prevent the hand from slipping

Classic Hand Trowel

  • The GARDENA Classic Hand Trowel is the optimal tool for planting and transplanting in flower boxes, flowerpots and flowerbeds


Weeding Trowel

  • The GARDENA Weeding Trowel makes it easy to remove weeds and their roots from the soil


Classic Secateurs

  • The GARDENA Classic Secateurs are especially suited for cutting flowers and fresh, young shoots
  • It features a non-stick coated upper blade and a bottom blade made of rust-proof stainless steel
  • Ergonomically formed handles ensure handling comfort. Including sap groove, integrated wire cutter and single-hand safety lock
  • The maximum cutting diameter is 20mm


Planting and Soil Gloves

  • The GARDENA Planting and Soil Gloves provide special protection during planting, particularly when working with wet soil
  • The latex coating on the palm of the glove and the fingertips consequently ensures dry and clean hands at all times
  • The elastic knit fabric guarantees perfect fit, best wearing comfort and breathability
  • That means: no sweaty hands!
  • Size 8/M


  • Use: Planting and transplanting, removing grass, moss, weeds and cutting smaller flowers and small shoots
  • Warranty: 2 years
Article No: 8965-30 
EAN-Code: 4078500023368

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