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Gardena | Backpack Sprayer 12 Litre (Online Only)

R 1,999.00

The Backpack Sprayer with high carrying comfort for large gardens, fruit trees and vines

  • With a filling capacity of up to 12 litres in the tank you are very well equipped with the Backpack Sprayer from GARDENA when it comes to spreading liquids in larger quantities
  • This makes it ideal for the care of plants such as fruit trees or even vines in larger gardens
  • The Backpack Sprayer offers you a high degree of carrying comfort, which makes gardening considerably easier
  • Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the container and the padded carrying straps, it is very comfortable to carry
  • The Backpack Sprayer is equally suitable for both left and right-handed people.
  • The large opening makes it very easy to fill the container
  • In addition, the included filter prevents foreign matter from entering the container, keeping the nozzle clean
  • The spray lance is impressive as well
  • It can be extended, which increases your spraying radius, so that you can reach leaves that are further away from you
  • The spray mist works well for watering too


Designed for lefties and righties

  • Thanks to the shoulder straps that can be placed on both sides, the Backpack Sprayer 12l is suitable for both left and right handed users


Nothing is unreachable

  • Thanks to the telescopic spray lance, handling is not only easy, but also allows a large spraying radius
  • The spray lance allows you to reach leaves that are located at a greater distance

Filter included

  • The supplied filter ensures that foreign matter does not enter the container, keeping the nozzle clean


Easy to fill

  • The large opening makes filling with water very convenient

High working comfort level

  • The Backpack Sprayer 12l is particularly comfortable and back-friendly thanks to its ergonomic container shape and padded carrying straps
  • It is suitable for longer tasks


  • Max permissible operating temperature: 35°C
  • Level indicator: Yes
  • Spray Nozzle: Brass

Article No.: 11140-20
EAN-Code: 4078500052399

ONLINE ONLY - This product is only available online and carries a delivery period of up to 10 days. We shall endeavour to deliver orders to you within the specified delivery period, but any such time frame shall be an estimate only. We cannot always guarantee availability and will inform you as soon as possible if any products are not available.