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Winkswood | Woodturners Friction Polish 100ml | BWPOLISH

R 169.90


  • Winkswood Woodturners Friction Polish has been carefully developed over a number of years by well known South African woodturner, Brandon Winks
  • Use Friction Polish to create a quick-drying gloss finish on turned work, whilst the workpiece is still mounted on your lathe
  • The above image is Wild Olive Burl on a Rifle Bolt Action Pen finished with Winskwood Woodturners Friction Polish
  • Winkswood works best on small diameter woodturnings such as pens, spindle turnings and small bowls

Instructions for use:

  1. Spread a few drops with a square of paper tissue folded double, and double again, either at low speed or hand rotating
  2. Increase your lathe speed to around 1500 rpm for pens and burnish hard using the wet spot, moving the folding paper tissue back and forth a few times until warm. The heat sets the polish
  3. Immediately apply a second coat and "friction set". You may apply more coats depending on how coarse your wood is, or how much polish build you desire on the workpiece
  4. "Friction up" at lower speed for larger diameter work

Winkswood Woodturners Friction Polish leave a high gloss finish that is exceptionally durable. The huge benefit of Winkswood Woodturners Friction Polish, is that it does not require flatting nor buffing after drying

In the above example of two Luban Bronze & Bubinga Wheel Marking Gauges, the Marking Gauge on the right has been sanded back to 600 Grit and polished with Friction Polish

Winkswood Woodturners Friction Polish has previously only been available in-store at Toolcraft, however due to increased demand, we are now proud to add this excellent and easy to use product to our online store

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