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Freud Sawblade, Professional, Ø- 190mm, 24 Tooth, FR13W006H

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Advantages & Own:

  • Ideal for processing wood and wood-based materials with plunge and hand circular saws.
  • The titanium-cobalt-carbide alloys (TiCo) specially produced by Freud enable flawless results with enormous tool life.
  • The PermaShield coating provides durable protection and reduces build-up.
  • Ideal for Rippingcutting, good for cutting querto wood fibre.
  • Saw blades from Freud - the world's largest manufacturer of high quality circular saw blades.
  • Lasered anti-vibration slots guarantee smooth running and minimize noise.
  • The special brazing joint (Freud Tri-Metal) consists of a layer of copper between two layers of silver, which ensures improved stability during hard impacts.
  • Steel blade of selected steel guarantees precision and longevity.
  • The essential information is permanently lasered onto each Freud saw blade.

Technical data:

  • Freud classification: Cabled | hand-guided | wood (→ lasered onto the saw blade as a pictogram)
  • Saw blade Ø: 190 mm
  • Cutting width: 2.4 mm
  • Blade thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Bore Ø: 30 mm
  • Number of teeth: 24
  • Tooth form: alternate tooth
  • Angle of rake: 15