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- Sneezing sawdust? Get up to 50% OFF our EZ Flex Dust Hoses -

Freud Sawblade, Industrial, Conical Scoring, Ø-216MM, 46 Tooth, LI25M43P13

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R 1,599.00

The world leading Freud LI25M4P13 saw blade is the perfect choice for a Conical Scoring Blade for scoring Bi-Laminated Chipboard  and MDF. 

This Scoring Blade is specifically designed for use on Horizontal Panel Saw Machines that allow vertical adjustment of the scorer in relation to the panel sizing saw blade kerf.

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  • Blade Model: LI25M43P13
  • Number of Teeth: 46
  • Blade Thickness: 3.2mm
  • Outer Diameter: 200mm Ø
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 6700 RPM
  • Hook Angle: 8º
  • Alternative Tooth Bevel: 6º with Positive Cutting Angle
  • Bore Diameter: 65mm Ø
  • Width of Cut: 4.3mm
  • Relief Angle: 15º
  • Specifically designed for Bi-Laminated Chipboard and MDF