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Festool | Router Bit Box of HW S8 MIX

R 7,679.00
SKU FES498979

FESTOOL. Our passion for high-quality power tools has continued for more than 90 years. We share this fascination with our users and fans. Our products make life easier for professional tradespeople – and help them to achieve perfect results faster.


  • Flush trim cutter HW D12.7/NL25 KL
  • Dowel drill HW D5 x 30 Z
  • Groove cutter HW D18/30 with drill point
  • Groove cutter HW D10/20 with drill point
  • Roundover cutter HW D16.7/R2 KL
  • Roundover cutter HW D31.7/R9.5 KL
  • Chamfer cutter HW D36/45Grad KL
  • Disc groove cutter HW D40 x 4
  • Dovetail cutter HW D14.3/15°
  • Classic ogee cutter HW D25.5 R6.3 KL