Festool Sword Saw SSU 200 EB-PLUS 769010

Festool Sword Saw SSU 200 EB-PLUS 769010

  • R 22,895.00
  • Save R 4,358


Strengths and benefits

  • 200 mm cutting depth and 6.5 kg weight
  • Integrated guide slot in the aluminium die cast base plate for accurate cuts using the guide rail
  • Wide application range for mitre cuts up to 60°
  • Chain changed and tensioned without using tools
  • Rotary dust-extraction attachment for connecting an extractor
  • Drawing cut for rapid, jolt-free operation and an outstanding cutting quality
  • Efficient electronics for constant pressure during sawing
  • Different chain cutters for a wide range of cuts

Main applications

  • Cutting pressure-resistant insulating materials such as wooden fibreboards, PUR, polystyrene, etc.
  • Chop, mitre, rip and jack-rafter cuts in wood.

Items Included

    universal saw chain SC 3/8" 91 U-39E, chain oil 250 ml, 7.5 m power cord, in a SYSTAINER SYS 5 T-LOC

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