FastCap BabeBot Glue Dispenser

  • R 99.90
  • Save R 100


The FastCap GlüBot Family of GlüBots, HighBots & BabeBots are  the only glue bottles in the world that will not drip or spill.

GlüBots, HighBots & BabeBots will put the glue exactly where you want it... and only where you want it. These easy-squeeze bottles feature a unique two-chamber design that pulls the glue back after squeezing to eliminate dripping.

This same design allows the Glü-Bot Family of Glue Bottles to be the first to make vertical application easy and without drips. Glue level remains high even when the bottle is running low.

BabeBot Glue Bottles are supplied packed with one Yorker- and one Blade-style tip. 


  • 4 oz (118ml) 
  • Works with most glues or solvents
  • Will not drip or spill
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Replaceable tips kit available





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