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- Sneezing sawdust? Get up to 50% OFF our EZ Flex Dust Hoses -

Einhell | Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 216mm | TC-SM216

R 3,599.00

With the Einhell TC-SM 216 miter saw, the ambitious DIY enthusiast is best equipped for sawing and chop tasks that occur in the home, workshop and garage. 


  • Silky smooth slide rails for effortless cutting of wide workpieces
  • Precise quick-setting turntable for angle cuts with locking positions for all common angles
  • Left-Tilting Saw head delivers perfect mitre cuts
  • The integrated mains-powered laser ensures rapid and accurate setup and cuts 
  • Extensions on either side of the turntable provide support for long workpieces
  • High-grade carbide-tipped precision saw blade is included clean cuts
  • Spindle lock for an easy and fast saw blade change
  • Hold-down clamps the workpieces firmly in position
  • Clear, legible scales enable accurate setup
  • Dust funnel behind the saw blade for improved sawdust collection
  • Swivel range (saw head) -45 degrees - +0 degrees
  • Swivel range (saw table) -47 degrees - +47 degrees
  • Cutting width 90 x 90 305 x 65mm
  • Cutting width 90 x 45 215 x 65mm
  • Cutting width 45 x 90 305 x 35mm
  • Cutting width 45 x 45 215 x 35mm
  • Diameter of suction connection 36mm
  • Max cutting width at 90 degrees 305mm
  • Max. Cutting width at 45 degrees 215mm

 With 1,600W of power the saw blade (216mm diameter x 30mm arbor) has plenty of power to cut through 65mm thick material. This sturdy saw has a smooth sliding function for wide workpieces.

The turntable has a precise angle adjustment facility to make it easier to achieve good angle cuts. For the most common angles on do-it-yourself jobs, locking positions are provided on the turntable for adjusting the angle quickly and reliably. There are easy-to-read scales for the angles and widths. The saw head can also be tilted to the left for mitre cuts.

The Einhell TC-SM 216 can cut boards of of up to 305mm with a 90° setting and up to 210mm at 45°. The integrated cutting line laser is an enormous help when working. Supports are provided for longer workpieces on the left and right, and there is a practical clamping device for securing the workpieces.

The high-grade carbide saw blade delivers perfect cuts every time. To make it easier to change the saw blade there is an integrated spindle lock. For more effective removal of the sawdust there is a dust funnel behind the saw blade. The extractor connection which is provided has a diameter of 36mm. Alternatively the supplied dust bag can be used.