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Einhell | Bench Grinder TC-XG 75 Kit

R 1,299.00
  • The Einhell TC-XG 75 Kit double wheel grinder is a flexible machine for a wide range of tools
  • The flexible, ball bearing mounted shaft allows for precision working without motion
  • In addition, the rotational speed can be adjusted to suit the application
  • Thanks to the extensive accessories included in the Einhell Kit, the double wheel grinder can also be used for performing cutting work and cleaning, polishing and sanding/grinding work
  • 4 rubber feet provide reliable, low-vibration stability
  • The adjustable work supports make the double wheel grinder easy to work with
  • The adjustable spark guard windows can be adjusted without the need for any tools
  • Long service life thanks to robust compact metal construction


  • Mains supply                              220-240V | 50Hz
  • Max. power (S2 | S2time)           150W | 5min
  • Max. idle speed                          9900rpm
  • Grinding wheels                         75mm x 10mm x 20mm
  • Grain size                                   120/400