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Einhell Bench Drill Press | TE-BD 750 E

R 7,799.00

The Einhell TE-BD 750 E pillar drill has a smooth-running, quiet induction motor and operates with a powerful output of 750 W. The spindle speed is
infinitely adjustable between 450 to 2500 rpm and there is an LCD display for indicating the speed. For fitting all standard sizes of drill bit the quickaction
chuck has a range of 1 to 16 millimeters. The product also features an MK2 chuck for morse taper bits, an LED light for illuminating the drill table
and an emergency stop switch and safety spindle protection. The drill spindle has ball bearings to ensure long-lasting use. The maximum drill depth is
80 millimeters. The drill table is height-adjustable and has a tilt and swivel function along with width extension elements.

Features & Benefits

- Infinitely adjustable speed control, adjustment without tools
- LCD display for showing the current speed
- 1-16 mm quick-action chuck for all standard drill bit sizes
- MK2 chuck for morse taper bits
- LED light for illuminating the drill table
- Smooth-running and quiet induction motor
- Height-adj. drill table with tilt & swivel function & width ext.
- Emergency stop switch & safety spindle protection for usersafety
- Easy adjustable depth stop for precise drillings
- Drilling spindle with ball bearings for long-lasting use

Technical Data

- Mains supply 220-240 V | 50 Hz
- Max. power (S2 | S2time) 750 W | 15 min
- Spindle speed 450 - 2500 min^-1
- Number of speed steps Continuously
- Drill table tiltable -45 ° - +45 °
- Drill chuck mount B16
- Drill diameter 1 - 16 mm
- Throat 152 mm
- Max. drilling depth 80 mm