Ehoma Parallel Jaw Clamp Wood Handle PJ30 300mm

  • R 279.90


Span:                  300mm

Depth:                 80mm

Clamping Force: 213KgF

Weight:                700g


  • Comfortable easy grip wooden handle
  • Medium carbon steel rail c/w nickel & chrome plating
  • Hardened screws throughout
  • Parallel Polyamide casings  allowing easier use
  • Parallel Polyamide casings prevent damage to the workpieces
  • Anti-Slip System prevents the lower jaw sliding or un-clamping
  • Anti-Slip System allows lower jaw to be pre-positioned anywhere on the rail
  • Arms are made from ductile iron
  • Pads made from steel
  • The lower jaw/sliding arm can be quickly removed, rotated and re-inserted on the rail turning the clamp into a spreader.





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