Veritas Dovetail Saw, Rip-Cut, 14 TPI

  • R 2,199.00

Veritas has successfully merged modern materials with traditional design to create this well balanced, excellent cutting dovetail saw. The 9-1/4” (235 mm) high-carbon steel blade has rip configured teeth @ 14 tpi, with a rake angle of 14 deg (included angle of 60 deg).

The blade's spine is made from high-pressure injected molded resin, with stainless steel powder & glass fibre resulting in a strong and stiff backer that keeps the blade straight & true. Patterned from antique saws with elegantly curved handles, the saw's solid Bubinga handle nestles into your hand to give you exceptional cutting control.

Depth of cut is 1-9/16” (39 mm) and the overall length is 14” (355 mm).



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