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DMT | Diamond Whetstone™ Mini Diamond Stone, Fine (70X25mm), Red W7F

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Quick edge repair anywhere!

  • A portable enhancement to any tool kit is the Mini Diamond 70mm stone in DMT®’s signature polka-dot pattern
  • Stone measures 2-11/16” x 15/16” x 3/16”

Grit Descriptions

  • DMT®'s monocrystalline diamond surface sharpens knives faster than conventional stones
  • Extra Coarse (60 micron / 220) when significant removal of material is needed for damaged edges
  • Coarse (45 micron / 325 mesh) to quickly restore a neglected edge
  • Fine (25 micron / 600 mesh) for a razor sharp edge
  • Extra-Fine (9 micron / 1200 mesh) to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond

Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy

  • No messy oils needed - sharpen dry or with water
  • Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service
  • For proper tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products
  • Made in USA