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Dimar | Screw, M3 X 4

by Dimar
SKU DIM1934000
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Original price R 80.00
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Screw, M3 X 4 (Machine screw)

      • Machine screws can be either coarse-threaded or fine-threaded, and are usually available with a wide range of head types
      • Machine screws are almost always blunt-ended (flat-tipped), unlike many other screw types which taper to a sharp point at the tip 
      • Are usually stronger than many other screw types
      • They are manufactured to high standards using refined techniques, providing better all-round quality, precision, and thread uniformity
      • Machine screws are typically designed with finer, more accurate threads than alternative fastener types
      • They are generally intended for use with a pre-drilled interior tapped hole or a nut

      NB: Product image at left is for illustrative purposes only, actual product may differ.