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DeWalt | Drill/Drive Set 72Pc with Drill Bits

by DeWalt
SKU DT70761-QZ
Original price R 2,156.00 - Original price R 2,156.00
Original price R 2,156.00
R 2,156.00
R 2,156.00 - R 2,156.00
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72Pc Drill/Drive Set with Drill Bits

The DT70761 is a 72 piece drill and screwdriver bit set. Packed in the rugged Medium sized Tough Case.

  • Medium Tough Case System Set
  • Connectable Case allows multiple sets to be stacked and locked together.
  • TSTAK compatible to hold all your accessory sets in one place.
  • Compatible with the TSTAK system via the Large Tough Case.
  • Masonry drill bits are typically used for drilling anchor, plastic plug, fixing and pipework clearance holes.
  • Metal drill bits are made from high speed steel for wear resistance and longer life.
  • Metal drill bits are designed with a precision ground twist for fast drilling, long life and excellent concentricity.
  • Screwdriver bits have an Optimised Tip Geometry for full fitment in the fastener and reduced cam-out.
  • Full-fit head eliminates wobble and screw head rounding.
  • A small bulk storage case included.
  • Includes a drive guide with an extending sleeve for improved fastener stability and control.
  • Easy screwdriver bit removal and retention for user convenience.
  • Screwdriver bits lock into place to prevent them falling out when not in use.


  • 7x Masonry Drill Bits, 21x HSS-G Metal Drill Bits, 25mm Screwdriver Bits, 50mm Screwdriver Bits, 1x Magnetic Bit Holder, 1x Magnetic Drive Guide 


  • Rating: Industrial
  • System: Medium Tough Case
  • Philips 25mm bits: 1x PH1, 3x PH2, 1x PH3
  • Pozi 25mm bits: 1x PZ1, 3x PZ2, 1x PZ3
  • Torx 25mm bits: 1x T15, 22x T20, 4x T25, 1x T30, 1x T40
  • Philips 50mm bits: 1x PH2
  • Pozi 50mm bits: 1x PZ2
  • Torx 50mm bits: 1x T20
  • HSS Drills: 1x 1mm, 1x 1.5mm, 1x 2mm, 1x 2.5mm, 1x 3mm, 1x 3.2mm, 1x 3.3mm, 1x 3.5mm, 1x 4mm, 1x 4.2mm, 1x 4.5mm, 1x 4.8mm, 1x 5mm, 1x 5.5mm, 1x 6mm, 1x 6.5mm, 1x 7mm, 1x 7.5mm, 1x 8mm, 1x 10mm, 1x 12mm
  • Masonry Drills: 1x 4mm, 1x 5mm, 2x 6mm, 1x 7mm, 2x 8mm
  • Magnetic Bit Holder: 1x
  • Magnetic Drive Guide: 1x