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Dasqua | Outside Micrometer 25-50mm

by Dasqua
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Mechanical Outside Micrometer 25~50mm

About The 4111A Series..

The Dasqua 4111A Series of mechanical outside micrometers is a very capable mid range piece of engineering measurement equipment that is available in 12 sizes models with measuring ranges from zero up to 150mm graduated in metric. The range is DIN863 compliant and offers a newly adopted stainless steel spindle offering improved life and performance over traditional carbon steel alternatives commonly on the market today.

A specialised carbide face is featured on the measurement anvils as opposed to a micro carbide tip. The Dasqua 4111 series also features a ratchet stop for a constant force between 5~8 Newtons, an increase of over 20% than many traditional offerings.

  • Type: Digital Outside Micrometer
  • Measurement Range: 25~50mm / 1.0~2.0"
  • Resolution: 0.01mm
  • Accuracy: 0.004mm
  • A - Max. Mouth Width (mm): 56
  • B - Throat (mm): 38
  • C - Ø Spindle Diameter (mm): Ø 6.5
  • Specification Standard: DIN863
  • Intended Use: Standard Precision Industrial
  • Dasqua Series: 4111-A