Crown Tools Try Square, Adjustable, 4"

  • R 649.90


The Crown Tools Adjustable 4" Try Square features a solid 1.5mm thick Brass Blade which can mark up to 105mm from the face of the handle. The blade is attached to the 75mm x 38mm Rosewood Handle 

If you’ve been woodworking for a while you will appreciate this beautiful square. The 1.5mm-thick solid brass blade can mark up to 105mm from the face of the handle. It is held to the 75 x 38mm Rosewood handle with one fixed brass pin and can be adjusted square with the two lead screws running through the handle by adjusting them in the base of the handle.

This means that your Crown Try Square will last a lifetime, as it can always be brought back to square, no matter what happens to it.

There are two 15mm x 3mm brass strips on the front and back face of the handle and the square has an excellent weight in the hand. The size is perfect  for joint layouts and machine setups. 

Rosewood, brass, hardened steel - these are the materials used by the small Crown Hand Tools factory in Sheffield, England to make their wonderful tools which are reminiscent of an age where toolmakers took care and pride in their hand built products.

Crown Try Squares are made to BRITISH STANDARD. Try squares are permitted a tolerance of only 0.01mm per cm of steel blade under BRITISH STANDARD 3322 - i.e. no more than 0.3 mm on a 305 mm try square. The measurements given relate to the inside edge of the steel blade.  

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