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Crown Tools | Traditional English Bow Saw 12"

by Crown
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The Crown Traditional English Bow Saw is finely crafted from Beech & Brass and has a high carbon steel 10 TPI, 12" blade.

The Bow Saw is also known as a "Turning Saw' and works beautifully for fine curved work. The Bow Saw can be used on either the push or pull stroke and the blade can be turned to cut at any angle by rotating the handles.              

Tensioning your Crown Tools Traditional English Bow Saw:

  • The first time you tension your saw, do it slowly, . The Tensioning Toggle offers considerable leverage with which to tension your saw. Once you've reached sufficient tension for comfortable sawing, STOP. While it is always possible to over-tension and break a bow saw, it is especially possible to break a new saw. 
  • DO NOT rely on the difficulty of turning the toggle to gauge the tension of the blade. This can be highly deceptive.
  • The correct way to tell if your saw is properly tensioned is by using it. A properly tensioned saw will cut smoothly on the push stroke with very little give in the blade. However, no amount of tensioning will prevent a thin blade from twisting in the middle as you turn it into a cut. To avoid twisting the blade when you saw a curve take long full strokes, and saw through the curve.
Please Note:
  • All Wooden Frame Bow Saws take time to mature. To greatly increase the life of your saw, loosen it by one or two turns of the toggle when you are finished cutting. The cheeks will get a chance to rest and not become permanently bent. Over the first few weeks of using your saw you will get a feeling for the right amount of tension that works for you, your saw design, and your wood.