Crown Tools Drawknife, Straight Blade, 280mm 11" (New Shipment Landing End January)

  • R 1,299.90


The Crown Tools 11" Traditional Straight Blade Drawknife is the best off-the-shelf heavy drawknife design in production.

Comfortably-shaped brass-ferruled Beech handles are precisely in the plane of the blade, so that you don't have to fight twisting forces resulting from awkward offsets or angles. The 10" x 1-3/4" blade has plenty of length and mass for vigorous work at any skew angle for shear cutting.

The bevel angle in the blade is 30°.

Beech, Brass & hardened Steel - these are the materials used by the family owned Crown Hand Tools factory in Sheffield, England to make their wonderful tools which are reminiscent of an age where toolmakers took care and pride in each and every one of their hand built products.


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