Crown Tools Burnisher, for Cabinet Scrapers (New Shipment Landing End January)

  • R 299.90


The Crown Tools Burnisher is made from High Speed Steel (HSS), fitted with a sturdy polished Brass Ferrule and features a beautiful turned Rosewood Handle. 

This is the perfect tool to turn the edges on your Cabinet Scrapers.

The trick to using a Cabinet Scraper lies in your preparation. 

To form a burr on Cabinet Scraper, a square edge is needed. Unless your Cabinet Scraper is brand new, the first step is to file off any remains of the old, worn burr.

Start by filing the sides of your Cabinet Scraper. This only takes a few strokes. Wether the old burr is completely gone can easily be checked by grabbing the edge of the scraper and pulling your fingers up. If there's nothing to catch on, the old burr is gone.

The next step is to flatten the top edge. From making the previous burr, the top surface will be a little bit round, which makes it more difficult to form a new burr. A few strokes with a file across the top takes care of this.

File the top until you can once again feel a slight burr forming on the sides from the filing. 

The next step is where the magic comes in. Using a burnishing tool made of very hard high carbon steel, a 'Burr' is created along the edges.

This causes the corners of your Cabinet Scraper to deform and form a sort of hook shaped burr. The burr is very small, and barely visible. 

Successful burnishing does require that the burnishing tool be harder than the scraper, and seeing that the scraper is already made of fairly hard spring steel, the burnisher needs to be very hard!

In use, a Cabinet Scraper is held at a relatively low angle to the wood and pulled over the surface, so that shavings form on the lower edge of the Scraper against the wood. This angle allows the hook of the burr to engage the wood.

The shape of the burr and scraper only allow it to take off about 0.02mm of material at a time at most.

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