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Dremel Speedclic Detail Abrasive Brush 36Grit - 471S

R 139.90

DREMEL 471S EZ SpeedClic Detail Abrasive Brush G36


The Dremel 471S EZ SpeedClic Detail Abrasive Brush G36 is great for detail cleaning and light sanding. Use on metal, wood, glass, aluminum and plastics. For use with the SC402 EZ Lock Mandrel or Standard 402 Mandrel.

It allows sanding of contours, details, and hard-to-reach areas. Built-in polishing compound–rubber bristles have abrasive inside. No need for polishing compound. Removes exterior surface layer without damage to base layer below (Removes the paint but not the wood with light pressure). Sand delicate surfaces. Get into tight contours for easy restoration. Clean wood, aluminum, plastic, metal, steel and vinyl. EZ Lock compatible–Use with either SC402 or 402 mandrels.

Technical Specifications:

• Shank diameter: 3.2 mm
• Working diameter: 25.0 mm
• Grit: 36
• Maximum RPM: 15,000 1/min