Clifton Low Angle Block Plane - Adjustable Mouth

  • R 5,999.90

We do not carry this plane in stock as each plane is individually hand made.  Once we receive your order we place an order with Clifton in Sheffield.  Turnaround times vary, so please inquire.

Clifton's lineage stretches all the way back to Clico, C & J Hampton, Woden and Edward Preston & Sons of Birmingham in England, and today represents the final distillation of the English Planemakers' Art & Tradition.

This exquisite 6 1/2" (165.1mm) Block Plane from Clifton features a heavy bronze body, fully adjustable mouth and a low bed angle. The cryogenically treated O1 tool steel iron is a superlative performer in trimming end grain, as well as smoothing difficult and reversing grain.

This is a benchmark tool for purists and anyone who truly understands and appreciates fine English craftsmanship.

The original cast block plane as it was first introduced by Stanley in the mid 1800's was designed as a good, inexpensive tool, easily carried in a pocket. For many woodworkers all over the Western World, the block plane is one of their most used tools.

Fully acknowledging the original Stanley design, Clifton's Block Plane is a remarkably refined tool demonstrating their manufacturing strengths as a traditional factory with a very skilled workforce capable of fine handwork in the best of English traditions. Clifton is one of Sheffield's last remaining tool makers.

Several features have been added to the basic block plane design by Clifton: A heavy bronze body adds reassuring authority to the plane stroke. A Norris style adjuster, unique to this Clifton Plane, and a large locking wheel for accurate and easy depth adjustment are always at your fingertips. A carefully machined flat sole and bed gives you vibration free planing. A hand shaped and fitted wooden top to the lever cap gives a comfortable place for your palm to rest allowing total control over the tool.

The Norris style adjuster is unique to this Clifton plane, and relies on a double threaded screw with two floating steel pivots that ride in a precisely machined slot. At the plane mouth, two stops are machined on either side of the iron bed. This design was originally introduced by Norris and is evident on their higher end planes with adjusters.

Sole Length: 6 1/2" (165.1mm)

Sole Width: 2" (50.8mm)

Bed Angle: 12 Degrees

Bevel Angle: 25 Degrees

Blade Width: 1 5/8" (41.2mm)

Blade Thickness: 0.125" (1/8") (3.7mm)


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