Chestnut Wax, Cut 'n Polish, Fine Abrasive Wax, 225ml

Chestnut Wax, Cut 'n Polish, Fine Abrasive Wax, 225ml

  • R 225.00


Chestnut Products Cut 'n Polish Wax is a blend of two waxes with a fine abrasive held in suspension within them.

This is a soft wax, designed to stay "wet" slightly longer during application, allowing it to lubricate the abrasive to give a very fine cut to the timber and also to collect any dust generated during use and subsequent sanding, preventing it from entering the workshop atmosphere.

On bare wood, sand to 240 Grit as normal, apply a coat of Chestnut Cut’n’Polish with the lathe stopped, then switch on the lathe and buff to a soft sheen whilst smoothing the timber at the same time.

On sealed wood, apply after the sealer in the same way, polishing to a slightly higher shine.

Chestnut Cut’n’Polish Wax dries almost immediately and can be overcoated with Friction Polish or any other paste waxes for a higher shine.



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