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Bosch Universal Inspection Camera

R 2,039.00

The Universal Inspect is used for inspecting hard to reach and/or dark areas. There are numerous applications. Here are some examples. Repairs & Inspection of home appliances, cars, motor bike. Inspection of pipes & drains. Inside: underneath washbasins, sinks, bathtubs, shower bases, in kitchens, bathrooms, cellars, laundry rooms etc. Outside: rainwater pipes, gutters, sewer drains in house drives and gardens etc. Inspection of hollows in suspended ceilings, drywalls, partition walls etc. Inspection of hard-to-access places and corners, behind or underneath large furniture, in fireplaces, inside plug socket towers in kitchens or home offices etc

What's in the box:
x 1 Inspection Camera
x 1 Hook
x 1 magnet
x 2 brackets
x 1 Soft bag
x 4 1.5 AA LR6 batteries

- Small camera head
- Illumination and black & white contrast
- Store up to 8 pictures in local memory
- Possibility of using micro-SD-card between 4 - 32 GB

- Dimensions: 23.5 x 15.7 x 7.7cm
- Weight: 0.8kg
- Colour: Green and black
- Material: Plastic
- Warranty: 12 Months