Bosch Saw Blade, Expert for Steel, Ø-305, 80 Tooth, for Mitre Dry Cutter

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Bosch has designed the ‘Expert for Steel’ Circular Saw Blades for use with the Bosch GCD 12 JL Professional Dry Cutter.

The blade ensures the cleanest cuts to metals in heavy duty applications. The “Expert for Steel” circular saw blade as opposed to bonded abrasive cutting discs prevents discolouration and burr formation, which can occur when using cut-off grinders on steel. This removes the need for the reworking which is common and sometimes time-consuming. The ‘Expert for Steel’ Circular Saw Blade ensures a low level of spark formation which makes work easier and gives the user a clear view of the laser cutting line of the Bosch GCD 12 JL professional dry cutter.

The Expert for Steel circular saw blade features unique ‘Lock Technology’, which ensures a strong connection between the tip of the blade and the body. “The blade teeth grip deeper into the body thanks to their special geometry, which makes them more resistant to breaking. The Expert for Steel blades are able to cut through all steel materials including profile bars, solid bars or pipes and are suitable for hand dry cutters, as well as mitre dry cutters.

There are several features that assist in prolonging the life of the Bosch "Expert for Steel" Circular Saw Blades. “A special ‘Protection’ coating on the blades minimises friction, which keeps them cooler during sawing, in addition to protecting the blades against corrosion. The laser-cut expansion slots ensure high stability which result in a smooth, quiet and low-vibration running of the blade. A tensioning ring increases the rigidity of the blade and prevents the heat generated during sawing from warping the blade.

  • Blade Diameter: 305mm
  • Cutting Width: 2.6mm
  • Bore Diameter: Ø-25.4mm
  • Teeth: 80 
  • Teeth Shape: MTCG 
  • Maximum Blade Speed: 1800 RPM

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