Bosch Sabre Saw S1411DF Wood&Metal Blades 2Pk

  • R 199.00

Sabre saw blade S 1411 DF 2Pk

300 X 19 X 1.25MM 

Specification      Heavy for Wood and Metal

Areas of application

Wood with nails/metal [mm]      <250

Wooden boards, chipboard [mm]            <250

Plastics: pipes, profiles [mm]      <250

Glass fibre reinforced plastic/epoxy [mm]            <60


Material               BIM

Tooth design      side set, milled

Tooth spacing [mm] / TPI             4.3 / 6

Areas of application        Wood with nails/metal, chipboard (<250 mm), glass fibre reinforced plastic/epoxy (<60 mm)

Type      S 1411 DF

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