Bosch Cordless Drill PSR 1800 + 2 x 1.5ah Batteries, Charger & SystemBox with 241 Pieces

  • R 2,499.00

Bosch Cordless Drill PSR 1800 + 2 Batteries & SystemBox with 241 Pieces


The BOSCH Toolbox includes not only an efficient cordless screwdriver but also offers a 241-part accessories set for sophisticated drilling. Thanks to the 20-stage torque pre-selection, overrunning of the motor is avoided and a consistent tightening of screws in the material is ensured. The innovative, long-life lithium-ion battery with intelligent control technology allows for continued working without any disruptions. The technology gives the exact amount of energy the device needs for the respective application.

Cordless drill screwdriver PSR 1800 LI-2 with stackable and extendable SystemBox for tools, accessories and materials. The supplied accessories speakers can be arranged individually and easily be hooked into the system box.

Product Features
  • Pre-selection of torque with 20 torque steps plus drilling steps - optimal power for every task
  • 2-stage high-efficiency planetary gear: Superior life, optimum power transmission and quiet running
  • Order and overview with organized storage in SystemBox
  • Syneon Chip - Intelligent energy management for all projects
  • A battery for everyone - suitable for all do-it-yourself machines and garden tools in Power for ALL Li-ion battery system
  • Bosch Electronic speed control: "Gas delivery" from 0 - max via the switch
  • Self-tensioning chuck with Bosch Auto-Lock for easy tool change
  • PowerLight - thanks to the built-in LED, the item is always well lit.
  • Lithium-Ion technology: no memory effect, no self-discharge, therefore always ready to use (Battery with Single Cell Monitoring – SCM)
  • Best manageability in class with compact design and best price performance ratio
  • Up to 300 screws with one battery
  • Model number: 06039A310S
Product Specifications
  • Power: 18 V
  • Capacity: 1,5 Ah
  • Torque (max): 38 Nm
  • Max. Drilling Ø in
  • Steel: 10mm
  • Wood: 30mm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Screw diameter (max): 8 mm
Set includes
  • SystemBox

  • Accessory Kit with 241 parts (1 619 GT7 900)
  • 2 battery PBA 18V 1.5Ah WA
  • Charger AL 1815 CV

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