Bosch GTM 12 Combo Saw

Bosch GTM 12 Combo Saw

  • R 9,650.00
  • Save R 2,006

The GTM 12 Professional is essentially a miter saw with a table saw fence attached at the top of the blade. What’s the point of something like this if the table size is so small? The miter saw can be used for cross-cutting operations and the table saw part for rip-cutting.

You won’t be breaking down large sheet goods with the table saw part, but that’s what track saws – which are extremely popular in Europe – are for. The narrow table is still well suited for ripping smaller boards and sheets too small for track saws to safely handle. With track saws, it’s not really feasible to make rip cuts on boards and sheets narrower than the width of the track.

Miter-cutting depth is 95mm (3-3/4″), and table-cutting depth is 51mm (a hair over 2.0″).  The 12″ blade is powered by an 1800W and 4300 no-load RPM motor for fast-cutting. There’s also a built-in worklight and a laser cut-line indicator. The tool weighs in at 22.5 kg (49.6 lbs).


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