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Bosch | Detector GMS 120

R 1,299.00
SKU 0601081000
  • Pinpoint indication of the object’s centre with the Centre Finder scale, and display of material properties
  • Better visibility of the result due to illuminated display
  • Marking hole with LED luminous ring
  • Three detection modes for various applications: Drywall mode, metal mode, live cable mode
  • Maximum reliability: most objects are found and application errors are avoided due to the automatic calibration
  • Reliable detection even of deep-lying objects – up to a depth of 12cm
  • Even more reliable detection of objects due to three-colour LED luminous ring
  • Detectable materials: Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wooden studs, live cables
  • Max. detection depth: 120mm
  • Detection depth, steel, max.: 120mm
  • Detection depth, copper, max.: 80mm
  • Detection depth of live cables, max.: 50mm
  • Detection depth of wooden substructures, max.: 38mm
  • Automatic deactivation facility, approx.: 5 minutes
  • Power supply: 1X9V 6LR61
  • Dust and splash protection: IP 54