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Bosch | Carbide Multi Wheel Cutting Disc 115mm

R 186.90
SKU 2608623012

Bosch Multi Wheel Carbide Cutting Grinder Disc 115mm

  • Bosch carbide multi wheel cutting disc uses fine carbide grit which is laser melted to the steel body
  • The unique combination of high quality materials greatly enhances user safety
  • This disc is designed for high-speed cutting through wood and through many other construction materials, like concrete residues, plastic, plaster board and fibre glass
  • Efficiency is increased by removing the need to change blades

Product details

  • Cuts wood, plastic, wood nails and plaster
  • Outer diameter: 115mm
  • Bore diameter: 22,23mm
  • Speed: 80m/s
  • Max.: 13,300rpm


  • Tungsten carbide grit: Selected grit quality and size ensure a fast cut, long lifetime and multi-application use
  • Laser melting process: High bonding strength between steel and tungsten carbide grit ensures a durable and safe application
  • Blade geometry: Thin body design and expansion slots give a quick cutting speed, and help avoid blade deformation