Bessey Clamp, K Body Revo Korpus 1000mm X 95mm

Bessey Clamp, K Body Revo Korpus 1000mm X 95mm

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The Bessey K Body REVO Clamp is ideal for sensitive workpieces and right angles.

The large, perfectly parallel jaw faces are characteristic of the original BESSEY K Body REVO. It allows easy clamping and spreading of sensitive surfaces and right angles as well as round and pointed workpieces. The best thing about these clamps is, thanks to their extra-large contact surfaces, the original BESSEY K Body REVO and the UniKlamp are both universally applicable - even behind and to the side of the high-quality profiled rail. This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach. That's guaranteed! 


  •  Clamping force up to 7,000 N.
  • Stepless adjustability and fixable upper section for improved workpiece positioning.
  • Very large parallel clamping surfaces.
  • With 3 pressure caps to protect delicate surfaces.
  • Can be converted to spreading function with no need for tools.
  •  High-quality 2-component plastic handle.

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