Bessey Horizontal Toggle Clamp - Self Adjusting 60mm

Bessey Horizontal Toggle Clamp - Self Adjusting 60mm

  • R 699.00

Bessey Horizontal toggle clamp STC-HH

Features Self-adjusting jaw height for rapid clamping with a specially fitted ergonomic handle.

The plastic injection molded and ergonomically designed handle fits well in the hand and has a very good grip.

In the clamped position, the lever is horizontal. There is also an automatic and infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping height up to 40mm (1In.) while clamping force remains unchanged - without having to make manual changes to the position of the pressure screws

Clamping force is variable up to 2,500N(550lbs) depending on the adjustment of the set screw in the cantilevered joint
Sturdy, tempered metal sheets for a long service life

Opening A: 60 mm
Weight approx.: 0.42 kg
Clamping pressure: 2500 N

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