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Bessey | Clamp 300x200 (STBS30) Fitters HD T-Bar (Online Only)

R 8,747.90
SKU 589-031 220


Bessey High-Performance Clamp - Extremely Heavy Duty STBS30 300/200

  • Clamping force up to 35,000N at tightening torque of 100Nm
  • Long life due to heat-resistant pressure plate with sintered steel insert, which can be tilted up to 35 degrees
  • With 36mm hexagonal bolt on the end of the spindle
  • With wedge for fixing the sliding arm


  • Throat: 200mm
  • Rail: 50X25mm
  • Opening: 300mm

ONLINE ONLY - This product is only available online and carries a delivery period of up to 10 days. We shall endeavour to deliver orders to you within the specified delivery period, but any such time frame shall be an estimate only. We cannot always guarantee availability and will inform you as soon as possible if any products are not available.