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Bandsaw Blades 1575 X 6 X 14tpi

R 113.90
SKU BH060014L
  • Skip-tooth bandsaw blades have a shallow gullet and widely spaced teeth
  • They commonly have a 90° tooth and 0° rake
  • The sharp angle at the tooth gullet allows the chips to come out cleanly
  • This band saw blade is recommended for general purpose cutting at an attractive cost on easy-to-machine materials  
  • The blades have excellent fatigue endurance
  • 1575mm X 6mm X 14tpi

Please be advised that the first number in the description is the length of the blade. The second is the width of the blade. The third is the number of teeth per inch. For example 2667 (Length of the blade in mm) X 13 (Width of the blade in mm) X 4tpi (Number of teeth per inch).