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Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml

R 89.90

Developed in 1929 for the German automotive industry, Autosol Metal Polish is extremely effective on a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, chrome and copper (not recommended for silver or anodized aluminum).

At Toolcraft, not only do we recommend Autosol Metal Polish as a honing compound on your tools, we all use it in our own woodworking workshops as well!

For Bench Chisels, Carving Chisels, Hand Plane Blades and Card Scrapers, Autosol Metal Polish is our "go to" choice.

For final honing, try a little Autosol Metal Polish on a piece of MDF and pull the blade backwards across the area a few times, wipe off carefully and you are good to go!

Autosol Metal Polish also leaves an invisible film that inhibits oxidation for months.

NOTE: A little goes a long way!