Woodpeckers Drill Press Table, Complete Package, Version 2

  • R 3,199.90


Woodpeckers newest Drill Press Table features easier to use fence clamping knobs, zero side play flip stop, heavy duty clamping T-Tracks and low-friction micro-dot laminate.

Two double wide T-Tracks are embedded and bolted in place from underneath. This fastening approach virtually eliminates the possibility of pull out. Each T-Track is then permanently laser engraved with an easy to read, high contrast scale clearly indicating fence position. Once calibrated to your drill press, no further calibration is needed.

Please note that the Drill Press Table Tracks are calibrated in Imperial Scales only.

Next we improved the fence by using this same double wide track giving you more Stop and accessory mounting options including simple “L” Stops and Flip Stops. Like the embedded track, the 36” (914mm) long fence is engraved with a centre type scale (zero in the centre) making it very easy to use. The fence is firmly locked in place by two, newly improved brackets that automatically align with the mounting tracks and utilise a larger, easy to grip knob.

The 36” (914mm) long fence is very easy to adjust both front to back and left and right without the need of any tools.

Another great feature is the non-glare Micro-Dot Laminate. Micro-Dot is a new product in the laminate market that has a unique texture. The unique texture is a grid of small circular pockets that reduces friction to make positioning stock for incremental drilling significantly easier.

The edges of the table are protected with a very durable, high density banding permanently bonded to the MDF core.

Each table includes (1) tear-out eliminating filler that can be easily replaced with any ½” thick material and pre-cut fillers (available in 3-Packs). Underneath the filler are levelling screws to adjust the filler piece flush with the surrounding table.

The 16 x 23 x 1” (406mm x 584mm x 25mm) thick Woodpeckers Drill Press Table is designed to fasten through slotted steel tables with coarse thread screws and to T-Slotted tables using a simple interface board made from 3/4" (19.05mm) plywood (not included). Hardware (excluding interface board mounting bolts, if needed) and full instructions are included. The Woodpeckers Drill Press Table is made in the U.S.A.

Please Note: Designed for 12” (305mm) and larger drill presses.


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