Wixey Thicknesser Readout, Remote, Digital, WR550

  • R 1,999.90


At last you can replace the inaccurate stock height gauge on your stationary planer or thickness sander and stop constantly using calipers to check stock thickness!

With the Wixey™ WR550 Remote Planer Digital Readout, you simply lower your planer cutter head until the display reads the desired thickness.

The unique gauge reads out either decimal and fractional inch measurements or millimetres up to 12" (305mm) in thickness.

This is the ideal solution for large stationary planers and sanders,

 and is particularly suited to situations where thickness is absolutely critical such as Lutherie anf fine cabinetmaking. This excellent model from Wixey is so flexible and versatile that with a little creativity it can be adapted to fit almost any machine. The kit includes all mounting hardware, drill bits, thread forming screws and easy-to-follow instructions for installation and calibration. 


  • Fits almost any stationary Thicknessers and Thickness Sanders.
  • Precise measurements; replaces your inaccurate stock height gauge.
  • Displays decimal and fractional inch measurements or millimetres.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for installation and calibration.
  • Uses common AAA batteries.

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