Wixey Depth Gauge, Digital, for Drill Press, WR503

  • R 799.90
  • Save R 200


With the Wixey Digital Drill Press Depth Gauge, you can now add Digital Precision to your Drill Press.

Drilling blind holes for hardware installation can be challenging. Sometimes, if you only need to drill one workpiece, fussing with a clumsy depth stop rod or worse yet an inaccurate dial, can be extremely frustrating. This gauge conveniently displays in inches with fractions or millimeters. It also features an Auto Shutoff function and includes a CR2032 battery.


• Add digital precision to your drill press

• Fits any drill press with quill travel up to 6.5"(165mm)

• Displays in inches with fractions or millimeters

• Resolution: Decimal 0.002 in.; Fraction 1/32 in.; Metric .05mm

• Auto shutoff; includes type CR2032 battery

Wixey™ products incorporate patent pending "Precise Fraction Technology"TM. This technology displays both decimal inches and fractions at the same time. The fractions only appear when they are almost precisely at the decimal equivalent. This gives you at least 4 times the accuracy of other fraction displays.

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