Veritas Sliding Tail Vise, Quick Release

  • R 5,999.90

The Veritas Tools Quick-Release Sliding Tail Vise can easily be installed into your existing workbench or a new construction.

Installing a tail vise is notoriously difficult, usually requiring a section of the workbench to be cut away and rebuilt around a complicated vise mechanism. Not so with this one. It can be quickly incorporated into a new bench construction or easily retrofitted to an existing bench without major workbench surgery. 

The end plates are symmetrical, so you can install the T-handle and quick-release lever in a right or left-handed orientation, allowing the vise to be mounted at either end of your workbench.

Installation is straightforward: using the included hardware, attach the mounting plate to the underside of the bench, then register and secure the vise mechanism to the plate.

Using your own choice of hardwood , you simply add a custom-made jaw of the same thickness as your bench skirt.

The quick-release mechanism has a simple on-off lever that engages or disengages the Acme-threaded screw, which can apply force (up to 300 Lb), in both clamping as well as spreading applications – something not possible with any other Quick-Release Tail Vise.



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