Veritas Hold-Down Clamp

  • R 1,499.90


The Veritas Hold-Down can clamp workpieces to a bench or any thick enough surface where a 3/4" hole can be drilled.

Exceptionally high clamping forces can be obtained with this hold-down for two reasons:

Firstly, with the arm free to pivot independently, all levered forces are exerted downward, without any losses due to horizontal slippage from the canting action of the hold-down post.

Secondly, the fine barb-shaped grooves on the post resist upward forces, yet still allow easy entry into a hole. The long, low-profile arm is unobstructed at the clamping end, allowing good access to work from all sides.

The 10" hold-down post gives you 8" of clamping capacity, matching the 8" throat capacity.

Used vertically in the top of a bench, or horizontally in a side skirt. Clamping forces are infinitely variable by tightening the Machined Brass large clamping knob.

The arm is made from forged steel; the other components are made from steel, aluminium alloy and brass.

Please Note: For use in holes where through travel is limited, a retrofit shorter hold-down post is available separately. At just 5-1/2" long, it provides about 4" of clamping capacity.




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