TSO Products, Bench Dogs, DoubleGroove™, Ø-20mm, Small, 2 Pack

  • R 399.90

The TSO DoubleGroove™ Bench Dogs are exceptionally innovative 20mm-Ø Bench Dogs ideal for most workholding applications.

DoubleGroove Dogs are just part of a complete line of innovative workholding solutions from TSO Products.

TSO Products have reinvented the modern 20mm Bench Dog and, in the process, addressed some common frustrations. Having dealt with their fair share of ill-fitting or "stuck" dogs, TSO have designed their Bench Dogs with twin grooves that run along the collar. While this may not seem like much, these double grooves make it much easier to remove the dog once it has been installed.

Sharing the same careful attention to detail that has set their precision tools apart, small but important design elements—like the tiny undercut beneath the collar that guarantees a perfect 90 degree transition, even if the holes in your work surface aren't perfectly devoid of tear-out, or slight chamfers along the touchable surfaces—result in a tool that's comfortable, accurate and a pleasure to use.

DoubleGroove™ Small Dogs measure 18mm from collar to bottom, making them the perfect size for most perforated worktops including the Festool® MFT/3.

To accommodate clamping, an included M8x1.25 threaded hole at the bottom of each dog accepts the TSO M8 SpeedKnobs™, FESTOOL® M8 knobs from the clamping elements kit, or any other similar off-the-shelf M8x1.25 threaded knob.

All DoubleGroove™ Bench Dogs are made in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminium on high-precision CNC machining centres and clear anodised for maximum durability. The TSO DoubleGroove™ Small Bench Dogs are sold in Pairs.

The DoubleGroove™ Bench Dog family includes a variety of sizes: Small (the product on this page, ideal for most general use applications), Medium-for use with the TSO PTR-18 Precision Triangle or thicker work surfaces, Large- for use with the TSO MTR-18 Precision System Triangle and Tall, (for using in conjunction with Dog Rail Clips to secure your guide rail and  Stubby, (also designed for use with Dog Rail Clips, but with a shorter height to clear your track saw motor housing when plunge cutting).

Additionally, specialised "Close Fit" versions of the TSO Small Bench Dogs and Tall Bench Dogs are available for those who want a tighter fit in 20mm worktops made with precision tools.


  • Easier to Use: Twin grooves running along the collar make DoubleGroove Dogs easier to remove than other dogs on the market; no more stuck dogs!
  • A Perfect Fit: Precision machined to exacting tolerances, with a diameter of 19.9mm to strike the perfect balance between solid, secure mounting and ease of insertion/removal.
  • Ideal for Custom Worktops: If you've made your own perforated worktop based on the 20x96mm standard and aren't quite sure if your tolerances are perfect, you'll likely find DoubleGroove Dogs to be a better choice. Their twin collar grooves will make it easier to remove dogs that might become "too snug," and a swept undercut along the collar means that DoubleGroove Bench Dogs will mount flush even if your holes have tear-out.
  • Clampable: Each dog includes an M8x1.25 threaded hole, perfect for use with TSO SpeedKnobs™ to secure the bench dogs inside your 20mm perforated worktop. (If you already have the knobs from Festool's 488030 Clamping Elements, those will work too, but you will find that the TSO SpeedKnobs to be much faster and easier to thread.)


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