Tormek Accessory, Woodturner's Kit, TNT-708

  • R 4,499.90


The Tormek TNT-708 Woodturners' Accessory Kit contains everything you need to shape and sharpen all of your turning tools.

  • A Gouge Jig, used for fingernail shaped bowl gouges and spindle gouges, can be set to create the edge geometry of your choice. This Jig is also excellent for sharpening exchangeable cutters of any shape.
  • The Multi Jig works for skew chisels with a straight or a curved edge and can be set for any skew angle. It also works for skews with an oval section, parting and beading tools, and roughing gouges.
  • The Turning Tool Setter provides instant setting of the geometries on gouges and skews when using the New Gouge Jig (SVD-186) and the Multi Jig (SVS-50) and it features built in edge geometries and works on any stone diameter.
  • The Tool Rest is used with scrapers, hollowing tools, and thin parting tools. This jig features secure locking on the Universal Support, thanks to the patented design.
  • The Profiled Leather Honing Wheel is for honing and polishing the flute on gouges. It has two exchangeable profiles: one with a 3mm (1/8") radius and one with a 60° point.
  • The Tormek Cover protects the machine from shavings and wood dust.
  • The Woodturner’s Instruction Box includes a 1 hour, 20 minute comprehensive DVD by Jeff Farris and a detailed handbook by Torgny Jansson that shows how to best work with the Tormek TNT sharpening system.

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