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Toolcraft Universal "L" Track, Metric, Aluminium, 1200mm

R 599.90


The new Toolcraft Universal "L" Track is an excellent all round metric extruded aluminium track that is particularly well suited to commercial jig design as well as having an extremely wide array of applications in any small workshop. 

Toolcraft Universal "L" Track is perfect for making dedicated router table fences and all applications where two planes of "T" Slots are required within a 90º angle.

The track is supplied at 1200mm long and features four "T" Slots and one Tape Slot within a right angle format.

The wide half of the "L" is 65.85mm wide and the narrow half is 31.4mm wide.

All four of the "T" Slots are metric standard and accommodate our specially designed and manufactured Toolcraft M8 metric "T" Bolts.

On the outer side of the wide half of the "L" are two "T" Slots and one Tape Slot, on the outer side of the narrow half of the "L" there is one "T" Slot and on the inner  side of the wide half of the "L" there is also one "T" Slot.