Sjobergs Workbench, Nordic Plus 1450, Hobby

  • R 5,499.00
  • Save R 1,000


The Sjöbergs Nordic Plus 1450 Woodworking Bench is based upon the latest design and gives you the size you need at a price you can afford. The Worktop is hard Nordic Birch and the bench is built for a long life with normal use.

The Nordic Plus workbench can be used in either right or left handed vise format, as well as in a configuration where the bench has an end vise at either end and it strikes a great balance between size  & functionality. It has been designed and built by professionals for professionals.

The versatility of the Nordic Plus 1450 Woodworking Bench, together with it's superb strength and quality, allows us to offer you an excellent value for money & comprehensive workstation.


  • Worktop constructed from Solid Nordic Birch.
  • Double Row of Round Bench Dog Holes.
  • The Nordic Plus 1450 accommodates your main vise in either a left or right hand format configuration as well as in a twin end vise configuration.
  • The Nordic Plus 1450 Woodworking Bench can accommodate the Sjobergs 0042 Cupboard / Drawer Unit.
  • The Nordic Plus 1450 features an excellent End Vise with dog holes and a matching Front Vise.
  • All Sjobergs Woodworking Benches carry a 10 Year warranty.


  • Model: Nordic Plus 1450
  • Item #: 33448
  • Material: Nordic Birch
  • Worktop Length: 1340mm
  • Total Length: 1470mm
  • Worktop Width: 500mm
  • Total Width: 630mm
  • Worktop Thickness: 28mm
  • Working Height: 860mm
  • Nett Weight: 47Kg
  • Package Size: 1550mm x 560mm x 87mm

Sjöbergs Nordic Plus 1450 from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.


Sjöbergs in English from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.




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