Rockler Shop Block, 1 Pack

  • R 520.90


This handy little half-hexagon will store more tools and hardware than its compact size would seem to allow.

The two tall compartments are packed with flex-rod plastic bristles, which let you drop in tools, bits and blades with hardly a sideways glance.

In the front row, three open trays feed you screws, nut and bolts as needed. Beneath each open tray is a recess for adhering a rare earth magnet (sold separately), which helps to keep hardware from spilling.

The tray can also be mounted to the wall with the two keyhole slots. To create a fully hexagonal 360º tray, two Shop Blocks can be joined back-to-back using the integral dovetailed tracks.


  • Plastic flex rod partitions let you quickly insert chisels, screwdrivers, pen tubes, pencils and more.
  • Bristles won't scratch or damage tools, and can be removed from the tray for easy cleaning.
  • Underside of each parts tray can accept 3/4'' dia. x 1/8'' thick magnet (Sold separately) to help keep loose hardware from spilling.
  • 1 each Rockler Shop Block Tool and Parts Tray


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