Rockler Bench Cookie Plus™ Sawhorse Clips, Pack of 4

  • R 459.90


Sawhorses are incredibly practical when you need a lightweight, portable work surface, but if you've used them much, you know that workpieces tend to rattle around and get scratched while you saw, route and sand.

With the Bench Cookie® Plus Sawhorse Clips, that's no longer a problem.

Simply slip the clips over your sawhorses, spin your Bench Cookies® Plus on, and you have a non-marring , no-slip work surface that is easily resizeable for any workpiece.

The grip is so secure, it's almost like having a fully equipped workbench with dog holes and a vise. Plus, you can slip some Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones on for an ideal finishing surface with no worries about dripping stain on your nice workbench.

Included in Your Pack:

  • 4 each Rockler Bench Cookie® Sawhorse Clips
  • 4 each Pan-Head Screws

Technical Specifications:

  • Bench Cookie® Plus Sawhorse Clips are constructed of black spring steel.
  • Not compatible with original Bench Cookies, which lack a threaded insert
  • Pan-Head Screws Measure: 5/16 x 18T x 1/2"
  • Designed to fit over 1-1/2" (38mm) thick Timber

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