Rockler Bench Cookie™ Bridges, 4 Pack

  • R 170.90


Snap on to Bench Cookie® Work Grippers (sold separately) to balance narrow stock for finishing – without smudging the other side!

Lift, grip, protect and finish your smaller projects with Bench Cookie Plus® Work Grippers (sold seperately) and Bench Cookie® Finishing Bridges!

Bench Cookie® Finishing Bridges feature elongated contact points that allow you to balance narrow rails, stiles, dowels and louver stock for finishing. The minimal surface contact between the Bench Cookie® Finishing Bridges and your workpiece means virtually no marring of the finish, and with Bench Cookie® Work Grippers (sold separately) as their base, they won't slide across your workbench. Bridges stack neatly for compact storage.


  • Engineered to fit snugly over any Bench Cookie® Work Gripper (sold separately).
  • Finish both sides of a project without slipping or sliding.
  • Minimal surface contact.
  • .Won't ruin your finish or mar your wood.
  • Bridges nest for easy, compact storage.
  • Protect your Bench Cookie® Work Gripper pads from paint and other finish products.


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